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What’s a theme?

When researching web designers you may see things like “custom template/theme design” or “free template/theme” or various other references to templates or themes. There is often a misconception that themes or templates make your site “cookie cutter” or just like everyone else. A theme or template is a basic starting point for the general layout of your website. All websites have them- even those that say they start from scratch… “scratch” would be building the template. You have to have a template to build upon, especially in today’s world of content management systems (that’s a whole other blog post for later).

So, how do you choose a theme or template? There are a few ways to go about this. Usually, if you give your web designer an idea of the type of look you’re going for or some other websites that have a look you like, they can find the right theme for you. There are thousands upon thousands out there to choose from. Most designers have template or theme design teams they prefer to use. You’ll notice that we do as well. This is because there are some teams that provide a simple solution for managing a theme and being able to customize it completely, whereas other theme designers might have less options for making a theme your own. By using a theme provider, your web designer can often save you large amounts of money by not having to write the template/theme themselves.

So basically, don’t look for no theme, no template, custom template, custom theme. Look for a designer that can take your vision for your business or your art and make it a reality. That’s what we are all looking for, no?